Monday, 28 March 2011

José Mourinho

I have decided that.......

José Mourinho is "Man of the week".

Not only is he very very pleasing on the eye, he is also intelligent, influential, stylish and talented. I also happen to think he is one of the best (nearly) 48 years olds I have ever seen.

I like the fact he is very outspoken (this is one of my favourite men traits :-))

I also like the fact his nickname is "The Special One", that really does show something huh?

Mourinho speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English fluently. He also speaks Catalan.

I also heard hes ok when it comes to coaching football?! :-P

Thursday, 23 December 2010


So I have decided that my artist of the week is..... (drum roll please) Uffie!

I first heard of Uffie a few years ago when she did a track with Justice called "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy".

I am literally obsessed with her voice, it's ridiculously unique along with nearly everything else about her. After following her for a good year now I have come to realise that she changes her clothing style every week, has had an interesting up bringing, and produces some of the best tracks I have ever heard.

A quick glance a wikipedia would tell you that Uffie or Anna-Catherine Hartley as she's known by her friends and family is originally from Miami and came to Paris via Hong Kong....... Nice!

I saw Uffie at Creamfields this year and was lucky enough for her to grab hold of my hand (I know get me huh!) he is as good live as she sounds on disc which is unusual for someone in the genre.

In recent months she collaborate with one of my first loves Pharrell Williams on "Add SUV" again amazing.

If I was to recommend one Uffie track (which is hard anyway) I would recommend "Pop the Glock". Love the video aswell! Honestly this song is in my top 5 all time songs, very good and very original.

So to summarise. GO AND CHECK OUT UFFIE!

Below is my homage to Uffie. Hott man of the week next..... xoxo

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

1st Post...

So my bestie Alix (and part time Haus of Belles Editor) made me realise now was the time to get myself a blog, therefore here I am!

Every day I surf the Internet, looking for fashion inspiration and or celebrity gossip and decided that it would be nice to document it, seeing as so much time is spent anyway.

This post it going to be dedicated to our Fashion Designer of the Week Mara Hoffman;

A little bio for you;
"Mara Hoffman is a New York fashion designer whose line, Mara Hoffman, launched in 2000. Hoffman studied fashion design and graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Mara Hoffman has evolved from collections featuring hand-dyed couture pieces to her current collections which concentrate heavily on original silk prints. Her line encompasses everything from swimwear to cashmere coats. Hoffman pulls her inspiration from nature, world travel and fantasy."

I first came across her designs when I saw Kim Kardashain wear one of her dresses for a dinner date and fell in love instantly.
I know that Lauren Conrad and Rihanna have also worn dresses by this Designer.

Below are a few of my choices from the Resort 2011 Collection;

Below are some of my favourite dresses from previous collection;

I love these designs as they have a Native American/Aztec feel about them and the patterns are amazing.

There is a very good blog on their website which is worth a look.

I have found it difficult to locate where to by Mara Hoffman, although NET-A-PORTER does sell one or two items.

So that is all of the Mara Hoffman, Haus Of Belles Designer of the Week. Only thing left to say is that I finally managed to purchase the Winter Kate by Nicole Riche Jasmine Silk Satin Cardy;

Very excited!

Until next time! xoxo